H.o.w intro, python game H.O.W intro, Python Game H.O.W intro, Python Game

H.o.w intro, python game
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For me Patience was and still is the hardest part of game. As a male used to getting everything his way, I want what I want when I want it. But with life and especially people we all know this doesn’t always happen. For instance I might really want to sleep with girl A but because of circumstances and alcohol I end up fucking her friend, girl B… a couple of times. Because of this I might have to play the just friend’s card with girl A for a couple of months and weasel my way in with her until it’s acceptable to sleep with her which was my original goal in the first place. Once you become good at game it’s important to develop what I like to call the art of the long con or simply Python Game. You basically game over an extended period of time say three to six months even up to a year. It’s keeping a target on the slow low burner instead of the full court press for action. Besides kind of accidentally banging her friend there might be many reasons why I guy needs to use python game. Long distance, one or both of you are in a serious committed relationship at the time, she might know about your past and might not be ready to let you in at the time. Whatever the reason it’s good to have a long con going on the back end while you’re juggling the regulars.

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 Part 2
I met D one Saturday morning in the gym close to a year ago. Her gym time was very sporadic and I’d only seen her twice before and the other two times she was working out with her BF at the time. That Saturday I used game and we casually talked in between sets. I found out among other thing that D was a writer and I told a white lie that I was working on a project to acquire her number. D is what I like to call a H.O.W (Hot Older Woman). Way different than a “cougar”. Cougars are old washed up desperate women who’s dating market value has plummeted so low that there only hope is to find young horny 20 something to pump and dump them for a night because no way in hell men their age or older would even glance at them anymore. D on the other hand was one of those rare intimidating beauties. She was 38 but stood at 5’11 and was in such great shape if she didn’t tell you, you would never guess that she had two kids. She worked out regularly, very rarely drank if at all, and knew all the tricks to age with pure elegance and grace.

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 part 3
You would never catch her out late night drinking and partying with friends. She was too busy running her own real estate company and managing half a dozen investment property that she spent time investing in. She does part time modeling and acting on the side and often travels to NY for Auditions and casting calls. Her latest project has been writing one of those self help books like Eat, Pray, bang or whatever and she plans on going on the speaking circuit after it’s published. All this plus a serious boyfriend and joint custody of the kids meant that gaming or even spending time with D was impossible. I’d send a text or two every now and then. We squeezed in a lunch once and Saturday workout before that. I was able to talk to her a handful of times on the phone. Finally a few Sunday’s ago when none of my regulars could come to the pool for one reason or another I gave her a call. She agreed to join me at my pool to catch up and enjoy the sun. Dressed in a tiny vintage black bikini with gold hoops on the side, wearing expensive looking Chanel sunglasses, her hair light brown kissed by the sun. She looked like a sexy piece of southern California. I was glad that I wore my mirror tint aviator glasses that let me leer at her body without getting caught. She was in better shape than most of the 20 something at my complex.

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 Part 4
Our conversation was energetic like two people stumbling for a connection. We turned to dating and talk of relationships. This is where I found out that her and her BF just broke up about three weeks prior, what a shame. This lead to talk of what went wrong and how relationships fall apart between two people. Talk about honesty and trust. How a woman who spends that much time focusing and keeping herself well kept together for the man she loves needs to feel appreciated once in a while. There was more said but I was giving her boobs the care bare stare. We waded into the pool and the sun glistens off the gold and water beads on her body. She transformed and looked something like a siren . She tells me how at the end of the relationship it all crumbled. He stopped taking her out, not even once a month, no dinners no dancing. He stopped working out and mounting biking with her. Along with other activities they shared together. He just let himself go and faded….

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 part 5
VK: Really? D: Oh my God VK you have no idea! In fact I have this little cute dress that I bought in Vegas that I’ve been dying to wear out but I don’t have a place or a reason to wear it. Actually we should go out on the town one night, I bet you’d know where to take me in this dress…. VK: Sure that shouldn’t be a problem, have you ever been to The W Hotel in DC? D: No VK: Are you free next Friday? D: Yes Best laid plans gentlemen, best laid plans… Python Game

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